May 2020  |
Kaiser Permanente
Broker Briefing
CORONAVIRUS/COVID-19: We’re here for you — so you can be there for your clients. Learn more at

COVID-19: Preparing employers to return to work
As nationwide shelter-in-place restrictions begin to lift, returning to work and ensuring the ongoing health of their employees is top of mind for every business owner. Help your clients manage operational changes and meet public health guidelines by sharing our Planning for the Next Normal at Work playbook. It provides recommendations and resources for implementing workplace safety plans and policies, cultivating mental health, staying connected to regulatory and legislative guidance, and more.
COVID-19: Workforce resources for your clients
As employers strive to keep their workforces resilient right now, you can supply them with assets from our growing collections of:
Enroll new small groups with just 2 weeks of payroll records
It’s easier than ever to add new clients and provide coverage to startups. New businesses can now qualify for coverage with just 2 weeks of payroll records instead of the previous standard of 30 days. You can even help small groups apply without any payroll documentation at all.
Expanded telehealth coverage for PPO and POS members
Effective immediately, your clients’ PPO and point-of-service (POS) plans will now include coverage of telehealth services from any licensed provider. These resources are especially important now because using telehealth services for care can decrease members’ risk of exposure to the coronavirus.